Day 19 of 365 Things To Do Around Gig Harbor

Day 19: Check out the Blazing Onion. Yesterday, I received an email from the CEO/Owner of the Blazing Onion . Seems as though he thought I didn’t like his “burger joint” after reading my post yesterday. Today, this story ran in the The Peninsula Gateway  . See the blog for all the details …

I read your blog about burger joints.  I couldn’t tell if you had ever been to the Blazing Onion, but I sensed from your tone that perhaps you had and the experience wasn’t wonderful.  Lorri and I were inspired to build the Blazing Onion from those very Burger Joints you love.  We wanted to sneak a true burger joint into a nice and relaxing décor.  We believed that a burger joint doesn’t have to be a “dive”.  When you observe that some don’t appreciate our service style, this is why.  As people come in, they assume we are a nice sit down restaurant, but we’re really a burger joint in disguise.  In the world of busy and on the run all the time, sometimes you just don’t have time to wait for a server, but would still like to have service.  That’s us.  Because our attempts at service are so much higher than a typical fast-casual restaurant, some will never understand why we don’t go all the way.  Our volumes have been higher than our size often resulting in over 30 minute waits to order.  Having to wait for a table and to order at a fast-casual restaurant is confusing and lends to those service style disappointments.  We are always trying to improve this perception.  For those who just want to sit down and be waited on, we added the full service Sports Lounge.  We are now a mixed concept of fast casual restaurant and full service sports lounge, but our core will always be a burger joint.
If you had a bad experience in the past, I hope you give as another shot.  We use ALL Natural, 100% ground chuck.  This is a grade of beef you will not find at other burger joints.  The cattle is humanely raised, grass fed  the majority of their life, grain fed the last 15% of their life to enhance the marbling, no antibiotics, and no hormones.  We buy our ground chuck from Painted Hills and patty it fresh every day in house.  Lorri and I sampled burgers from many beef suppliers, but the flavor of fresh ground chuck from Painted Hills was the best out there.  I hope we see you soon. 
I am definitely not looking for a blog.  I only wanted you to come try us or try us again.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you about our brand.  Congratulations in launching your 365 Things to do in Gig Harbor site.
David Jones, CEO/Co-founder
Blazing Onion BURGER COMP

My reply…

Thanks for the reply. First, I want to thank you for taking the time to reply. Thank you. Secondly, I think the Blazing Onion is a great addition to Gig Harbor; something desperatly needed here. This was the second posting for the Blazing Onion. The first was a recommendation to view the Final Four championship game…Day 10 of 365 Things To Do Around Gig Harbor. I have had a lot of feedback on the service model and understand your philosophy. Respectfully, I’m not sure I agree with it. That being said, I am just one person’s opinion. Obviously, the people have spoken and all agree that it is the best! 
My son loves your ice cream. I love the atmosphere, french fries and bar!
I know you said you weren’t looking for a blog, but would it be okay if I did? I think this is great info and the fans would love it. It’s obviously a hit with Gig Harbor! With your permission, I will just cut and paste…
Tom Tuttle
365 Things To Do Around Gig Harbor
——– Original Message ——–


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