Day 20 of 365 Things To Do Around Gig Harbor

Check out Clash of The Titans at Galaxy Theatres at the Uptown Gig Harbor Shopping Center and be one of the first in the world to experience the new D-Box technology. But before you do, pick up a copy of “Brave New World” and dust off that VHS/Beta copy of the old “Clash of the Titans” from 1981.

“Galaxy Uptown became one of just 20 locations in the world to be fitted with the most innovative technology available to the commercial movie industry earlier this month.It’s called D-BOX technologies, and it’s changing the way moviegoers experience the big screen.D-BOX is made for movies packed full of action, fighting, speed and explosions. Each of the 22 chairs is equipped with sensors that are triggered simultaneously with the on-screen action.”   For the full story visit :

Certainly much more of an “experience” than the previous realease.

Bubo & Calibos


Surely the special effects will be incredible compared to the old realease, but will the story line get lost? As a teacher, my students watched this for our Greek Mythology unit. They learned more from this movie than anything else we did in that unit. And, not a one complained that it was ‘old skool’, not a one made a peep…their eyes were glued to the set. All passed the test!

My fear is that the story line and Greek Mythology gets lost and takes back seat to the blockbuster-Hollywood special effects. That being said, I think the D-Box technology is certainly worth checking out!

Did anyone read “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley? As an 8th grader I devoured this book! I couldn’t get enough! A book written well before it’s time (1932) and an author that could only be compared to George Orwell and Leanardo Divinci (arguably). In one of the chapters, characters take in a movie “experience” much like the D-Box “experience”. They not only see the visual, but get a sensory experience,  feeling the bear-skin rug and sensual tinglings of movie character actions. Perhaps we are not quite there, but this is pretty spooky :). Characters also take mind-numbing drugs equivalent to today’s happy pill (i.e. Prozac), test tube babies and other mind-blowing future predictions; amazing to think that it was written in 1932!

So first, read the book “Brave New World”, then watch the old “Clash of the Titans” and polish it off with the D-Box “Clash of the Titans” experience at Galaxy Uptown theater. And if you’ve got time, throw in a little Greek Mythology just before you dust off  the old VHS/Beta version of “Clash”.


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  1. jane says:

    Excellent. Almost makes me want to go.

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