Day 66: Outdoor Skate Park



Check out the outdoor skate park!Skate Park A large concrete bowl for skaters and bikers. Located across from the Gig Harbor Civic Center. They were thinking when they created this park! The Civic Center houses the Gig Harbor Police Department with a fleet of police cars acting as deterrents. Couple that with video surveillance and you take away the concerns that most parents and community members  have. 

Side Bar: Generally speaking, Gig Harbor as a city is reflective of this “thinking”. It is a planned community. It may not have started out that way, but certainly the by now you can see the planning, process, input and execution of so many parks and recreational facilities serving our community! So many cities cave to the big money and  forego social responsibility in lieu of progress. NOT Gig Harbor. The goal remains the same: preservation of community…END side bar.

The Skate Park is not just for teenagers! The park boasts a  kids climbing wall, play structures, benches and trails. Additionally, it is conveniently located across from Kimball shopping center with Burger King, espresso and other shops.

So, big or small … old or tall, come one, come all and enjoy the Gig Harbor Skate Park. Yet another reason to love the Gig Harbor Community!

Skate Park
3510 Grandview Street
 Restrooms located at Grandview Forest Park (adjacent).  On-site parking. 


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