Day 67: Daddy O’s Boardroom

“Boards for your sports and clothes that don’t suck.” Jon Coulombe (owner)

 Another Gig Harbor original. I love this store! I’m not a skater, either; not now or ever. Stocked with decks, clothing (that doesn’t suck:), surf boards (not so many of those for obvious reasons) and skating accessories,  it’s a destination place for kids and teens. The clothes like everything else are original. I outfitted my whole family for Christmas this past year with a hoodie for myself, cardigan for my wife and two t-shirts for the little guys … who love the store more than I do.

We all love it for the same reasons: it’s cool (or is it ‘sick’ ?)…everything about it. For starters, they are located right next door to the Galaxy Uptown Theater; very convenient for walk-ins. We drop in every time we’re in the area. The owner, Jon, is friendly, personable and kicked-back-casual which spills out into the whole vibe of the store. The staff always gets an earful of entertainment from my boys who are so eager to talk with the ‘cool’ teenagers.

The boards or decks are unique and fun. The most recent decks: The Golden Ticket (Willy Wonka) as seen above and surrounded with purple (yes, the 80’s purple is back) and the polka-dot deck … sick.

A few months back, Daddy O’s opened an indoor Sk8 park. It’s still in the initial phases, but once complete, the park will be huge and draw from everywhere in Pierce County and beyond. Currently, it’s FREE !!! You can’t beat that deal 🙂 Won’t go into this too much because it’s a post by itself!

Daddy O’s is not just great addition to the Gig Harbor community, in the short time they have been open, they have given back to the community by donating refurbished boards, sponsoring events and so much more. Daddy O’s: Just one more reason to love Gig Harbor.

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For additional articles:

Grand opening:…/daddyos-caters-to-skaters.html

The Philanthropist:

  4641 Point Fosdick Dr NW #200

Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Monday-Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm
Sunday Noon-6:00pm

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