Tickles Salon: Great Kids. Great Hair. Coming very Soon!

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Tickles. Great Kids. Great Hair. Serving clients ages 2-14. Well, it’s just about open. Stopped by for a sneak peek the other day and spoke to the contractor. He was finishing up with final touches and looking for the final approval/inspections. They anticipated next week some time…so, COMING SOON. I think they will fit right in! Normally, we go to Wild Child on Proctor in North Tacoma, but we will certainly give this a try. Today’s kids’ haircuts are far different from their predecessors; my generation. The store is stylish and designed with kids in mind; bright colors, cool decor, a large flat screen TV and located right near the Uptown fountain for relaxing vibes and penny pitching fun.

Personally, I say break out the bowl and scissors. The FlowBee for that matter. That’s how we did it…well, sans bowl. A haircut at the barber was about $4-6 then. It was painful, filled with tears and jagged/harsh buzz clippers reverberated the room. You were lucky to escape unscathed without blood being spilled. As I recall, I dreaded it. First off, the barber was scary. Mad at the world. Later I learned several stylists crafted and honed their hair-cutting skills while serving time in prison! Comforting. Certainly, I am not advocating that, but I would be doing a disservice to my generation and the ones before if I hadn’t told that story.

Today’s kids are much happier and cooperative at the ‘barber’. In fact, my kids look forward to it! The stylist is kind and great with kids. There are toys to play with while your brother or sister takes his/her turn. And while you get your haircut, you don’t even realize it because your eyes are glued to the TV set … watching your chosen video from the extensive collection. Polish it off with a sucker. Yes, you pay for all the cool decor, TV’s, entertainment and dessert, but isn’t it worth it??? My wife says, “yes.”

Welcome to the community, Tickles. And as always, we look forward to a long, prosperous and lasting relationship with the Gig Harbor Community. Yet another reason to love Gig Harbor!

4729 Pt. Fosdick Drive, Suite 100

Gig Harbor, WA, 98335




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2 Responses to Tickles Salon: Great Kids. Great Hair. Coming very Soon!

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  2. Mforhan says:

    After going a few times and having gotten decent haircuts for both of my kids I felt confident enough to send my husband in with the kids when I was sick. The manager Shane, was the only one working so she was the one that cut both kids’ hair. I almost cried when I saw them. My daughter who started out with basic layered right below the shoulders hair with bangs got the worst of it. Her bangs looked like an EKG reading. To say that they were uneven would be an understatement. After an excessive bang trim from a different salon earlier that year we had been growing out part of her bangs and they had finally reached down to her cheek bones. No longer. Well. At least not on both sides. One side had a few strands that reached to her cheek bones, another clump of hair that reached past her eye brow and then the wavy bang started which continued to the other side which had at least three different lengths of hair, none blended and none cut with any reason or direction. Her bangs were then thinned out with shorter layers underneath and longer layers on top on one side but in different areas of her bangs it was the exact opposite. The rest of her hair was no better. One side of her hair was significantly longer than the other. None of the layers matched up and the layers that were there seem to have been attempted to be cut with a thinning scissor. In the middle of the back of her head was a big patch of hair that was roughly four inches shorter than any other hair. Every time I brushed through her hair I would find new clumps of hair that was a different length than the hair next to it. When brushed out you could plainly see that her hair was not evenly cut and that even from the back no straight line could be found.

    My son’s hair faired marginally better but I can only credit that to the fact that he had less hair to ruin. He came in with a shorter basic boy’s cut with slightly longer length at the top to tousle with gel. He came away from Tickles with concave sides with clear buzzer lines on both sides and the back. On his right side was what I can only assume was an “oops my cutters got away from me” mark where the hair was significantly shorter than anywhere else resulting in a hole looking mark about two by two inches wide. As with my daughter’s hair his hair cut was uneven and seemingly cut at random. Both sides especially around the ear was cut differently with different shapes and angles around each ear.

    When I called Tickles to complain about the haircuts I was very rudely met. Shane would not let me speak to anyone else than her and when I asked for the owner she told me first that she was out and then later when I informed her that I did not wish to speak to her or let her fix my problem since she was in fact the person having created the problem, she informed me that there was no owner but that Tickles was owned by an investment company and that she was it. She never apologized or took ownership of her poor haircut and in fact kept insisting that she had done a great job and that any fault with the haircuts laid with my husband since he has not given her more clearer directions. She kept repeating thats he had worked for 27 years and had never had a complaint and that she would fix the kids’ haircuts but that she had done nothing wrong. Since I had no intention of letting her anywhere near my childen’s heads again I asked for my money back and she informed me that she would not do that because she had done nothing wrong and that she would fix it but again, it was my husband’s fault for not giving her better direction. She kept insisting that bangs are never all the same length and that we had asked for a layered haircut and that is what she gave us.

    I ended up taking both of my children to my own hairstylist to see what could be done. My son ended up with a hair cut that looks great but ended up having to be significantly shorter (almost 2 inches) than what we had planned in order to even his hair out. My daughter’s hair was more complicated. Her stylist ended up having to flat iron her hair to see what was and wasn’t there and it was then we discovered the full extent of the full extent of the hack job. We ended up having to cut almost three inches off of her hair and blending what couldn’t be immediately fixed (the random “layers” attempted by thinning scissors which were at some places as short as 3 inches) While my daughter’s hair now looks great thanks to the magic of the second hairstylist, it will be several months until all of the mistakes can be undone. The random layers and the partially outgrown layers being the main issues we will continue to have to tweak as they grow out.

    Yes it is just hair and hair grows but the fact is we paid this woman for a job she clearly does not either have the skill set or care enough to do. Just because they are children does not mean you are at liberty to just butcher their hair and call it a day. The lack of professionalism, pride in her work or ever care makes this a place I will avoid like the plague from now on.

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