Possum’s Boutique: an Uptown Children’s Store

The other day, while checking in on Tickles, I waltzed in to Possum’s Boutique. I hadn’t been there since the changeover from Hush Baby. It’s the same concept really, but appears to have more stability with  sister stores in Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. Like any boutique, the prices are a little steeper than Target, but that’s to be expected. You don’t go to a boutique to find things that everyone else already has. Nor do you go to a boutique to find clothing made in China, Tawaiin or elsewhere. You go to boutique to find specialty items of quality and unique value. Certainly, the clothing is of better value, and I did actually buy something that I didn’t plan on…a Dinosaur Stencil Book.

 My kids are really into drawing dinosaurs and recently asked me to draw a few of them. Well, my artistic skills are not so good (to put it modestly). Anyway, the p0int being that Usborne books are difficult to find. In fact, I was told you could only order them. Amazon has it for sale at $10.39 but once you pay shipping, it’s wash. Possum’s doesn’t have a huge library, but they do have a decent collection of unique Usborne books. You may remember the duck on each page. My kids love to find the hiding duck …. Can you? 🙂

 Gig Harbor … Uptown

4729 Point Fosdick Drive Northwest
Gig Harbor, WA 98335-2316
(253) 857-2230



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One Response to Possum’s Boutique: an Uptown Children’s Store

  1. Adria Hanson says:

    Hi! This is a great site. I just googled Usborne books in Gig Harbor and found you.

    I am an artist but also a representative for Usborne Books and more and would LOVE to talk with you more about what books I have and the October books that have just come out for Babies to young adult!!

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