Day 79: Play-A-Latte … It’s Always Sunny Inside!

Play-A-Latte …Gig Harbor’s first indoor playground and coffee shop: “Rain or Snow Outside, it’s always sunny inside.” With over 1500+ square feet of play area, your kids can enjoy: moon bounce, pirate ship play structure, play house, as well as an infant/smaller toddler area. All while you sip on a warm latte in the cafe area. 

 Certainly this idea has merit. Other than July-September … our 3 months of sunny weather, it is raining or overcast. Certainly it’s worked for coffee houses! Why not add a kid’s play area. It’s not rocket science. McDonald’s doesn’t spend millions of dollars on McPlay Places for toots and giggles. This makes sense. Play-a-latte is on a smaller scale than its counter parts: Pump It Up, Chuck E. Chesse’s and McDonalds. This is a good thing. My wife cringes at the thought…we’ve never been to Chuck E. Cheese’s and no amount of hand sanitizer in the world could sway my wife on that one. Our last trip to a McDonald’s Play Place ended with a room-clearing, rumored fecal sighting on the slide…we didn’t stick around for investigation or confirmation:) 

Yes, there is always the sanitary and safety issues. Anytime you have a large group of kids in one area, there will be germs … and lots of them. Play-a-latte keeps it pretty clean. In fact they sanitize/clean daily. For some of us with OCD tendencies and neurotic cleanliness issues, that may still not be enough to overcome, however. 🙂 But with kids, there is never perfect and always germs. Safety is addressed by signing in and each child gets a wristband with a matching number, which is removed and checked prior to your leaving, to make sure each child is safe and goes home with who they came with. There is no admittance for adults without a child, unless a parent previously instructed. And they clearly state, “We are not a licensed day care facility, so no dropping off of children is allowed!” 

Prices are $7.00 for children over 1 year, each additional child is $4.50, with parents and children under a year free admission. Prices are good for all day, you can leave and come back later – There are no scheduled hours for open play! 

Everyone once in a while they hold events. You just missed “Pony Pix” on June 10th. Additionally, they have private party packages ranging from $260-$350.  Beginning June 1 we they will be open Tuesday-Friday 9a-2p if sunny, 9a-5p if gloomy. Call for daily schedule if unsure. Closed Saturday and Sunday for parties. Closed Monday. 

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Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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