Puyallup Fair: Things to do ‘around’ Gig Harbor

Time to venture outside of Gig Harbor for a change. Yes, I deliberately named it “365 Things To Do AROUND Gig Harbor“. While I could have potentially filled the blog with all things Gig Harbor, I would be doing a disservice to readers. While we live and do most everything here in Gig Harbor, we’ve all ventured across the bridge from time to time for entertainment. The Puyallup Fair is deserving of such a trip across the bridge. It’s a State Fair. In fact, since I was in elementary school, I can only think of a few years that I have missed. I’m not a huge ‘ride guy’ either. In fact, I could really care less about the rides. Sure they’re fun, but man are they expensive! If you’re in it for the thrill, I recommend going on Dizzy Pass Bracelet Days. It’s the only affordable way to go.

I’m in it for the food, people / animal watching, and my kids. In the last few years many things have changed. They’ve completely revamped the kid area … SillyVille and Toonzville … for the better! Food prices have skyrocketed! I recall when Fischer Scones were just 10 cents ! We used to buy bags of them. Now they’re are $1.00 each. Everyone has their favorite, traditional foods at the fair: Onion burgers, Elephant ears, Crusty Pups, BBQ ribs, caramel apples and cotton candy … just to name a few.

Recently, they’ve added a beer garden for the adults: Corona


And every year, there is an All-Star line up of Concerts at the

Puyallup Fair Grandstand. Everything from John Legend to Brett Michaels to Kid Rock and Willie Nelson; a little something for everyone. And of course, the fair wouldn’t be complete without a rodeo.

To really appreciate the fair and get in the ‘fair mood’, I suggest attending day 1’s “Running of the Cows in downtown Puyallup.

Yes, it’s their take on Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls in Spain, but much safer sans gourding! No that would never fly in the U.S. !  For those that follow the parade of cows to the fair gates, you gain free admission!

So, you can do it at a trot or a gallop OR follow this year’s theme and “Free your Glee”. Whatever blows your hair back … I guess 🙂

Click here for a full detailed list of ‘ Things to do at the Puyallup Fair‘  …

Puyallup Fair Visitor Information:Dates:
September 10-26, 2010

Sun – Thurs: 10 am – 10 pm
Fri & Sat: 10 am – 11 pm
Click here for ride hours

Adults: $11
Students (6-18): $9
Seniors (62+): $9
Five & under: Always FREE
Discount Tickets

Mon – Fri: $10
Sat & Sun: $12
Driving Directions

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